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Universal Life Force Energy is a powerful energy that flows through all living things and connects all life. At the simplest level it is expressed by the power of touch. A mother will instinctively lay a hand on her child’s knee when they have fallen over. One person will comfort another by putting an arm around their shoulders. We put our own hand across our forehead when we have a headache.

Gurus and sages have spoken about Universal Life Energy and it has been referred to by various names, including ki, chi and prana. It flows through the physical body via energy centres known as Chakras, and through pathways known as Meridians. It also flows around us in an energy field known as the Aura. The aura is part of our subtle body and it is highly responsive to our thoughts and feelings. It is disrupted by negative thoughts and reactions, which can be the first step toward disease before it manifests physically.

Reiki is a particular, high vibrational frequency of healing energy that an attuned person channels through their crown chakra to the palms of their hands ready for healing.

It has been proven that nothing is solid and everything in the universe is made out of energy. At the sub-atomic level there is only energy. Quantum physicists have discovered that physical atoms are made up of vortices of energy that are spinning and vibrating, each with a unique energy signature.

When we feel happy and relaxed within a group of people we often say afterwards, ‘we had a good vibe going’ – and this is literally true, as everything in the universe moves and vibrates at one speed or another. Whilst people vibrate at one frequency, a rock or animal vibrates at another. A table may look solid, but within it there are millions of sub-atomic particles of moving energy. Everything is connected in an ocean of energy. This is one of the reasons that enlightened individuals always say, ‘We are all one’.

When we indulge in negative thoughts or behaviours, we lower our vibration – this can easily be felt if you are caught up in the middle of aggressive behaviour or violence. Most people have had the common experience of walking into a room and feeling tension ‘in the air’.

The negative state of depression is another example of a lower vibration. Whilst working in the mental health sector, I came into contact with extremely depressed individuals and I could feel the low energy. Conversely, when we raise our energetic vibration through energy healing, positive thinking and other spiritual practices, we become healthier and happier.

We can purposefully take charge of our lives and make effort to move toward a higher vibration, which is life enhancing. As we do this, we develop a deeper level of gratitude and respect for all living things. Through personal growth, an inner transformation can take place.

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